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PALLETIZER Cartesian/Gantry/XYZ type

This PALLET LOADER automatically and very gently places stacks of eggs on a pallet.

The unit can palletize stacks of trays arriving from one or two egg (farm) packers at a capacity of up to 110.000 eggs/hour. Every time a layer is complete (12 stacks of 6 trays each) the unit places an interlayer on top of it before starting loading again the stacks of trays.
Full pallets – with a maximum of 6 layers - can be removed manually or automatically and then the empty position can be manually or automatically replaced with an empty pallet.
This unique pallet loader can work with plastic egg trays, pallets and interlayers as well as with paper/carton egg trays, wooden pallets and cardboard dividers.
By reducing your labour costs the R.O.I. is very short and you improve your profitability.