About founder of Triplelima

Carlos de Magalhaes co-founder and director of Triplelima

Carlos de Magalhaes was born in Luanda, Angola (1957) where he lived until 1975.

During the next 9 years Carlos lived in Portugal where after he graduated from Agriculture School he initiated his professional career, first as manager of the mechanization department of the Fundo the Fomento Florestal and later with FIAT Tractors where he used his practical knowledge of agriculture to advise the farmers about the tractors, implements and combine harvesters they needed.

In 1984 Carlos moved to The Netherlands where he changed his field of activities to the Poultry Industry, a sector where he has been active ever since.

Carlos held until 2010 various senior positions (Area Sales Manager, Sales Director and Business Development Manager) in some of the most  well-known companies that supply equipment to the poultry industry Worldwide. During this time Carlos accumulated a wealth of knowledge from practical work experience across many diverse countries, cultures and environments.

In 2010 he founded Triplelima with the objective to provide solutions that help poultry companies improve their operation, profitability and competitiveness in their specific market.

He is a passionate and dedicated “solutions provider” with a down to earth, practical approach and the drive and determination to help poultry companies operate at their best, by 
promoting  innovative and cost effective solutions.​

Following through on his commitments has gained Carlos the respect of the poultry professionals Worldwide.

Carlos is proud to be part of the Poultry Industry Worldwide and happy to have the chance to contribute to its further growth.